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For many years men have had a love affair with soap , foam and latterly gel to use as a shaving agent. There’s nothing like a superior shaving brush and a quality soap to work up a lather before applying to the face. If an old fashioned open razor can be at then the picture is complete.

That’s all fine as far as it goes and it’s an image many men aspire to whether they are fully shaven or just trim and tidy around their beards. However although our society is very conscious of what we eat and what we absorb through our skin few have considered what damage soap, foam and gels can do to our skin and indeed with all the associated chemicals what unknown long term affect these chemicals may have on our body.

There is however an alternative and one that slowly is gaining momentum as the word is spread. At PARA MI we have always held that the only sensible answer is natural oil. At PARA MI we have formulated an all natural product consisting of seven quality natural oils all with well known health giving qualities. The oil gives the smoothest of shaved with no razor rash or irritation, prolongs the life of the blade being lubricated with oil and as a “ leave on product” the oil remains on your skin to permeate down and act as a moisturiser and skin tonic.

PARA MI makes the perfect Beard Oil and when your hair is wet try a quick splash and see the results! How versatile is that?

A win win situation you would think but there is no brush, no ritual or ceremony, just simple natural products with no chemicals and the perfect shave. What more can we say except if you are allergic to nut oils then stay clear.

HSeasons best wishes to all our customers.

John @ Para Mi

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