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It’s at this time of year in Mallorca when the sun is starting to regain it’s heat and the land is starting to wake up again after a very short sleep that the farmers are looking for the first signs of spring and the snow white almond blossom that will come with that spring. The white blossom showing off in contrast to the bright blue January sky.

The blossom for all it’s beauty will not last long but will set into the new almonds to be harvested later this year. The almond as it forms is very high in water content and the inside very much resembles a jelly. Later this jelly will set into the hard nut and rich in Healthy oil. In fact at this stage the almond tree itself is very rich in water content. Any wood pruned at this time will not burn so farmers have to wait for st least a year to allow the wood to dry out before being used as a fuel source.

The almond nut forms within a hard shell and that itself is wrapped in a softer hull. All of the almond will be used. The finest of nuts will be cold pressed and the oil used as one of the seven ingredients that go to make up PARA MI ,while the hull will be used as an animal feed and adds nutrition to an animals diet and finally the hard shell around the nut can be used as a garden product acting as a covering for bedding plants and borders or it can be used as a bio fuel for heating.

So all in all a very versatile tree but most importantly one that offers many health giving qualities. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc. Along with a number of other minerals and vitamins explains why almond oil is not only good for your skin but also your heart. So use it in PARA MI and leave the oil on your skin after your shave and have the comforting knowledge that it is not only being absorbed by and moisturising your skin but spreading throughout your body and heart.

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