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Television shaving advertisements claim that the best shave is achievable through the lubrication strip attached to the blades. I’m not sure how this is supposed to work through a layer of soap foam but no mention is made of what this strip is made up of and what effect it may or may not have on the skin. It sounds convincing and for those with sensitive skin it may appear to be the answer but there is a much simpler and natural way to achieve the same and we think a better end. Why not use an oil product such as PARA MI.

Oil is the most natural skin lubricant and moisturiser and without the contamination of soap is the most natural way to shave. There is no question about the lubrication oil offers to the skin, the clue is in the name. It is by far the best product to use on sensitive skin and gives the closest of shaves. Now there are other shaving oils out there but we maintain that PARA MI is one of the best. It contains a balanced and researched mixture of seven oils with added vitamin E. It has been approved as a leave on product so acts as a moisturiser and conditioner for the skin. Over a period of time building up a healthy skin.

So stick with the shaving strip offered by many razor blade brands or you could join the shaving revolution and try our oil, PARA MI.

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